Due to Covid-19, our summer Art that Blooms exhibit has gone virtual!

A larger view of each piece of artwork is available by clicking on each image.  A link to poetry inspired by the artwork (when available) is visible once the artwork is enlarged.  Artwork is best viewed on a computer or tablet.  In addition to viewing the artwork and poetry on our website, please also visit our Facebook page throughout the month for ARTIST SPOTLIGHTS! 

Most of the art in this virtual exhibit is available for purchase, with 70 percent of proceeds going directly to the artist. If you are interested in purchasing artwork, please contact Heidi at  

We hope to see you back in the Drury Gallery very soon!

Additional Information on the Drury Gallery.

Split CTA
Artist Name: Kenneth Carlson
Medium: Photography/Digital Art
Price: $125
Blue Crane Blue Moon
Artist Name: Monica Jagel
Medium: Colored Pencil
Price: $275
Consider the Lilies
Artist Name: Lorraine Ortner-Blake
Medium: Calligraphy with Watercolor & Gouache
Price: $180
Spring's Promise
Artist Name: Susan Martin
Medium: Photography
Price: $30
Rio Drink Bar
Artist Name: Jane Osypowski
Medium: Acrylic
Price: NFS
Coral and Jade
Artist Name: Suzanne Huber
Medium: Fiber-Handweaving
Price: $115
Peony Parade
Artist Name: Mary Heinze
Medium: Watercolor
Price: $250
Homeward Bound
Artist Name: Kathleen Jahn
Medium: Watercolor
Price: $150
Artist Name: Janice Rice Smith
Medium: Oil
Price: NFS
Watching Loon Hatching
Artist Name: Liz Gregory
Medium: Clay & Natural Materials
Price: NFS
A Different View
Artist Name: Peg Napralla
Medium: Fused Glass & Tree Bark
Price: NFS
Blue Heron at the Wisconsin River
Artist Name: Sheril Lannoye
Medium: Watercolor
Price: NFS
Buttons & Blooms
Artist Name: Karyn niin Kitigade
Medium: Fiber-Quilting
Price: NFS
Oak-A (wood only, not figurines)
Artist Name: Bob Skare
Medium: Wood
Price: $65
Mountains and Rivers
Artist Name: Katherine McMahon
Medium: Poured Acrylic
Price: $150
Attraversiamo-To Cross Over
Artist Name: Judy Simon K Monroe
Medium: Acrylic
Price: NFS
Robin in Spring
Artist Name: Janice Wardle
Medium: Oil
Price: NFS
Artist Name: Anne Crawford
Medium: Colored Pencil & Ink
Price: $279
Petals & Wings
Artist Name: Julie Groves
Medium: Mosaic
Price: $160
Lewis & Clark Botanical Discoveries...
Artist Name: Arlene Neale
Medium: Fiber-Quilting
Price: NFS
'Til the Wilderness Blooms
Artist Name: Heidi Kaether
Medium: Watercolor
Price: NFS
The Substance of Things Unseen
Artist Name: Lelan Gimnick
Medium: Acrylic & Ink
Price: $100
Artist Name: Linda Kuruzar
Medium: Watercolor
Price: $175
Artist Name: Debbie Carley
Medium: Photography Print
Price: $285
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