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Import and export real-world data and information from the Internet (YouTube: 1:35 min.).Review and display 3D renderings and animations from Blender.Prevent the accidental creation of objects by prohibiting the creation of new objects based on a predefined characteristic.Create preview 3D models on the fly.Use your existing 3D models in AutoCAD.Design for X, any screen.View renderings and animations from Blender in the AutoCAD Editor.Drawing Enhancements:Enhanced GUI features:Create custom drawing panels.Add color-blind-friendly icons to a context menu.Improved tooltips.Use the same control for multiple functions.Simplified task flows.Use standard coordinates instead of local coordinates.Easily add menus, panels, and toolbars to a drawing.View layers, selection boundaries, and styles in a single pane.Extend the ribbon to show commands from custom toolbars.Use drag and drop to quickly apply formatting options and move parts.Add references to editing features, tools, and layers to tooltips.Attach comments to drawing elements.View all your drawing history in one place.Start drawings with a complete palette.Create a single drawing session from multiple layouts.Preview the same drawing several times.Save a subset of drawings.Export annotations, shapes, and styles.CAD Grids:Use columns to make a drawing grid.Use rows to make a drawing grid.Use graphics to show grids.When you use geometric constraints, check that the object, feature, and bounding box are valid.CAD Notes:With CAD Notes, you can attach comments, drawing instructions, and notes to any drawing element. CAD Notes can be used in conjunction with the Block Notes feature.Timeline:Create a timeline in AutoCAD for the entire project. Add time markers, color-coded for the current milestone, to create a schedule.Add key objects or blocks to a drawing or insert them in the correct position.Entering text and editing tables are 2be273e24d



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