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Due to Covid-19, our summer theatre programming is going virtual! 

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Continue to experience THEATRE MAGIC online this summer!

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SUMMER 2020                                         THEATRE 


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NEW DATES June 15-19, 2020

Ages 3-5  |  Monday-Friday  |  9:00-9:30am

Young students will tap into their boundless imaginations, using their  bodies, senses, and emotions to create, play and build confidence!

June 22-26, 2020

Ages 6-11  |  Monday-Friday  |  NEW TIME 9:30am-12pm

The Secret Search Party

Finding the hidden stories in everyday spaces. 

We are Actors and We are Gonna Say it Loud!

Be your energetic, enthusiastic, confident SELF.

CTW OPTIONAL Evening Electives (choose 1 or 2 or none)

July 13-17, 2020

Ages 12-18  |  Monday-Friday  |  NEW TIME 9:30am-12pm

Acting Through Radio

The story you're about to hear is true.

Only the names have been changed.

Authenticity in Acting/Musical Theatre

Explore the deep, natural connections actors have with the characters they embody.

YTW OPTIONAL Evening Electives (choose 1 or 2 or none)

July 20-24, 2020

Ages 12-18  |  Monday-Friday  |  NEW TIME 9:30am-12pm

Help create an online DETECTIVE MOVIE!

Whether you’re interested in acting, filming, props, script writing, scenery or music, there is a roll for you in this unique collaboration!

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ZGYPT YTW Elective

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